Hourly Wage

by Telaride

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Recorded for the Manhattan Magazine Mixtape '14.


released May 2, 2014

Thanks to: TK for letting us borrow your drums to record this; Rocco for lending us the RocPro; and Vince for asking us to record this for the Mixtape.



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Telaride Queens, New York

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Track Name: Hourly Wage
Working 40 hours again
And another 16 this weekend
No time to breathe
On this hourly wage

I work week days, you work week nights
You take the train, I ride my bike
This work week
Leaves me weak all the time

And we will never get to see the sun
Cause we've got rent due every month
Even though we're always low on funds
They still convince this is the life we want

I never get to see my friends
Because my work week never ends
If I were a candle I'd be
Burning at both ends

When I deliver my resignation
It's not just because of compensation
I'm so fed up with
Feeling complacent

What's another hour worked when I
Could spend the 8 dollars getting trashed tonight
Take out for tax and it's only $7.35
Guess I'm settling for Miller High Life

I won't be going to work today
Cause I can't eat an hourly wage
You can't justify this pay
I'm not going to live this way

I won't be going to work today
I'm not going to live this way
You can't justify this pay
Cause I can't eat